Winter fun

You've heard the phrase, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Well, if you can't make the snow go away, I guess it's good to have fun in it. My kids actually enjoy the snow a lot and love it when we get a pile of it. Out come the sleds, and if it's good packing snow, you can bet a snowman or a snow fort will appear. And much of the sledding happens at night, which seems to add to the ambiance...cold air, falling snow that is so white and such a contrast to the darkness. Or if it's not snowing, there is usually a full moon or bright stars. We have a hill at our house which is great, so the kids can throw on some snow clothes and head out on a whim, come back in and get warm, and then head out again. That happens often. The hill is really nothing wouldn't even qualify for the bunny hill at the slopes, but it's enough that with some imagination (add a ramp, see how far you can get standing up, etc.), it is still a lot of fun.

Dave likes the snow, too, and will often join the kids in the fun. Me, I don't do cold too well, so I usually go out long enough to watch for a while, snap some pics, and then come in and get some hot cocoa ready for everyone. This particular snow creature started out as a polar bear. Except for the feet, it didn't look much like a bear, so we'll just say it is whatever you want it to be. After building the snow creature, they got into a snowball battle that even the dog enjoyed. She made us laugh as she tried to catch the snowballs and couldn't figure out why they kept falling apart.

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