Dancing water & summer, a special medly of music and nature

Ecclesiasties says there's a time for everything including a time to dance. And it's clear in these pics that it is definitely time to DANCE! The last day of school...was there ever any other day in your childhood history that was so much fun?! It was official...summer had arrived!

What comes to mind when you think of summer? WATER: A steady stream of drops falls from the sky after the sprinkler shoots it up into the air. Ice cold at first, the water gave us goose bumps while we squealed and giggled and skipped around the sprinkler. Not wanting to totally avoid the cool wetness, we weren't ready to abandon the hot sunshine yet either. Once saturated, we would stand still and let it drench us even more as we would find the best angle to watch the rainbow in the water.

Blue water in the pool. There is something magical, almost mezmorizing about the dance of light on the pool. The water winks at us, much like a Christmas tree does in the winter, begging us to get in. Going down the stairs, one by one...that was too easy. No points for being a chicken. High points for jumping in even before testing the water temp. CANNONBALL!! Screeches, laughter, and a disgusted lifeguard...was it worth it?? OH YEAH!

Water making a path down the creek, dancing, gurgling, flowing, laughing. Lift up the stones, stir up the mud, and watch it disappear in a matter of seconds. There goes a crayfish...! Icy water over the feet keeps us cool. Out of nowhere, one of us takes a running leap into the water. A splash, a screech, and running feet tell them they hit the bullseye!
Water speeding down a waterslide slings bodies unapologetically down the track at breakneck speed. The fear, the rush of adrenaline, the final fling into the pool....WOOSH! Into and under the water, rush to the top and gulp that air before grinning ear to ear. Then the mad dash to the ladder to do it all over again.
Rain. Thunder. Lightening. Torrents and torrents of water rushing down the window. The cloud cover mixed with the oxygenated air give an eerie glow to the green grass. Although we hate being stuck inside, it is a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are to be warm, dry, and safe.
Whether you live in the desert or the rain forest, water is the biggest part of summer. And it's a great reason to be dancing!

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