For the past two weeks, Hannah has blessed the life of another family...her best friend's family.

Hannah and Becky have known each other since kindergarten. Their friendship over the years has been something to watch. I read about, see, and hear about friendships that touch the deep inner spirits of those involved. Soul mates. Anne of Green Gables called it having a "bosom friend." Friendship that transcends all circumstances including time and location. I'm often envious. I've had friends through the years, from aquaintances to close friends, but I don't know that I've found a true soul mate or bosom buddy.

Hannah found hers in Becky. When they get together, you can almost hear the "click" like a magnet onto metal . Salt and pepper. Peas and carrots (Forrest Gump). Although I know they had their disagreements, I was never witness to it...not once. They love each other, and they love being together.

Two years ago, when Becky's family announced they were moving, I felt almost physically ill at the loss for Hannah. Hannah took it better than I thought she would, better than I did, but maybe that's because she knew they would be okay. Their friendship was bigger than this move. And she had the child-like faith and understanding that they were gonna be best friends, no matter what.

And so, Becky blessed our home last summer for a couple of weeks, and this year it was Hannah's turn to bless theirs. I talked to her on the phone today for the first time in a few days, and hearing her cheery voice chatter away about what all they've done this week was better for my spirit than anything else I could possibly think of. I am grateful that she had this opportunity. I love to be able to share her...for others to see and know what a richness she adds just by being there. I am grateful to Becky's family for helping to get her there and home again, for welcoming her into their home, and for treating her like family (because these girls are even closer than sisters sometimes!).

She comes home less than 14 hours to be exact. I pick her up at the airport, and I'm sure my ears will be ringing by the time we get home hearing about this wonderful vacation....I can't wait!


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