Attitude, gratitude, and all that stuff

Every day is a lesson in gratitude.  At least it should be - if for no other reason than to remember that there's always someone who has it worse - usually multiple people.  As a family (my extended family), we all got together the other day and packed a bunch of shoe boxes to send to needy children all around the world.  We've all done it most every year for several years now, but this was the first time we all got together and packed them together.  Talk about a house overflowing with blessings! Family, a lot of love, a collective spirit of giving, and enjoying what we were all sending to these (not) forgotten children. Does it get any better?

So fun to see what everybody got!
You can tell my dad is really into it!

This theme coincides with my first tip for you all who are looking for some motivation as well ways to stretch every dollar.

There is a song with a line that I have always loved:  It's not about getting what you want, but wanting what you have. Isn't that great? So, the one dollar question (I don't have a million you? Ha!) is what is your tip of the day?  Here goes...

Use what you have!  How many of you have a stash of supplies around that you haven't used much of? Some of it still has tags and/or the original packaging on it. You got it or bought it all excited, just sure you would use it every day, well maybe a couple times a week, well okay, at least once a week.  Then you tell yourself, "You know, I can get a lot done if I focus one or two days a month...."  Raise your hand if this is a conversation you've had with yourself. C'mon, admit know you have. So, I ask again, raise your hand if this is something you've told yourself.  If you could see me through the computer, you would see my hand raised.  I've had those thoughts multiple times.  Sometimes, it lasts weeks, sometimes months, and yes, sometimes even years. 

Another page frim Hannah's high school scrapbook.
 Know what gets me going again?  It's going through all that I have and thus remembering all the great stuff I've collected over the years.  That usually means a bit of reorganizing and cleaning "house" (my scrap area), which is also good for the budget as well as motivation - more on that in a future post. Obviously, using what you have means you aren't spending money.  That's the best way to stay within your budget!  

If you think you don't have much, or even enough supplies, you would be surprised with how creative you can be when you just own the basics and slowly build your collection.  I will be posting more on that in the near future also.  In the meantime, take a deep breath, go to where all your paper craft supplies are and start sorting!  Take your time and enjoy it. Renew your vision(s)!  Renew your excitement and start "wanting what you have" already. 

 Have a fantastic week, and don't forget to live, laugh, love, and scrap!  

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