A Glimpse of Some of My Real Life Scrapbooks

I made scrapbooks for my daughter's school years, right up until her graduation in 2014. I hadn't looked through them in quite a while. I was looking through them the other evening while my daughter was visiting, and I said out loud to her, "Dang, I did good with these!"  She rolled her eyes and said, "Ok, Mom, whatever."  As a family, we have a sarcastic sense of humor - very sarcastic - so I knew she didn't mean it, and it actually made me smile. She knows better - and so do I.  It was fun to see the improvement in my scrapbooking through the years.  Now, I did not keep up with these scrapbooks each year, or even every two or three years. They were done in several spurts, and - confession here - I am still not completely done with her high school book! But there were enough years in between to see how I grew as a crafter and scrapbooker.  See for yourself in some of these pics. Dang, I did good! 

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