A Stroll Down Memory Lane - Worth the Nostalgia

I just finished this double page spread the other day. I enjoyed making it, plus it was an opportunity to stroll down Memory Lane. This was 2014 when my son was in 10th grade. Only juniors and seniors are invited to the prom, but Andrew had asked a junior to attend with him, so he got to go. This lovely young lady, a friend of Andrew's, was one of the only girls in her class without a date.  At first her best (girl) friend was also dateless, so they were going to go stag together, but of course her friend got a date, so she debated even attending. Andrew stepped up and asked her so she could attend and enjoy herself without feeling self conscious. It was also his sister's senior prom, so it was special that they both got to attend. When their son or daughter is a senior, parents are invited to attend the first half of the evening - the banquet part - so my husband and I got to go, too. It was a crazy but fun day! This group of kids in these photos - my son's group of friends - was a lot more cooperative with some creative photography than my daughter's friends and classmates were.

I enjoyed my kids as teens, and as an empty-nester now, I miss those times. I miss them a lot. The special occasions, the basketball games, the spring musicals...I loved it all! I'm getting used to the empty house, and I'm learning to enjoy many aspects of it, but honestly, I am still adjusting...and missing my babies. Creating pages for their scrapbooks or our family scrapbooks gives me a chance to relive those days in my mind. What a fantastic benefit of scrapbooking!

The background on the left is from an old calendar. I get some gorgeous backgrounds from old calendars! With those types of backgrounds, you want to keep the pictures simple, and the fewer pictures the better. More than one or two, and you'll lose the beauty of the background, and it will just look busy. Two tips that I had given earlier come into play here. First, "Keep It Simple, Sister (KISS)."  Secondly, the cost of this page is minimal due to using an old calendar and just a few low-cost embellishments. Remember, I get at least 90% of my supplies on sale - not just any sales, but major sales and clearances - or free, so all of my embellishments are "low-cost."

The block mosaic look on the right came from several examples I saw on Pinterest. I consider Pinterest research - so if anyone gives you a hard time about spending too much time on Pinterest, just tell them it's NOT a waste of time...it's RESEARCH! 😁

Although all of this nostalgia makes me a bit wistful, I find it SO worth the time and energy it takes to create these time machines. Give it a try, and I bet you will agree.

Happy Scrapping!

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