My First Etsy Sale - Let's Celebrate!

Wow. It has been a LONG time since I've written anything here. Longer than I thought. I looked at my last published post, and....well, like I

With that being said, there's no better reason to crack open the blog than the one I have now.  A couple of weeks ago, I made my first Etsy sale!!  Pretty cool, huh? I thought so! The set of cards pictured below is one of the things that I sold.

Of all the cards I've sold recently, these are probably my favorite.  So simple, but beautiful and serene.

The picture below shows cards that I sold to one person - ONE person! She bought some from me last year, and she liked them so much that she asked if she could get some more from me this year.  Obviously, I was happy to oblige.

There are definitely more favorites here, too.

So, what are your favorites?  Let me know in the comments - please. This helps me to understand what people, especially customers, are looking for. 

Also, go check out my Etsy store for more Christmas items as well as a variety of items for all seasons and occasions. The link is on the home page of this blog.

Christmas items will be going on sale soon, and new items are being added regularly, so check back often!

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